DfE Study Week

Sixty students attended Level 4 Study Weeks in Manchester, Corby and Haringey. Six students were from Accrington, however only five were able to complete.

Students comments from the study week were that:-

  • they had a greater understanding of schemas and how schemas linked with their practice.
  • they expressed feeling a great sense of satisfaction that their practice is based on research written by great theorists. 
  • they had more confidence to stop and take time to observe before moving in too quickly.
  • they were more reflective of their own practice.
  • They were sharing learning with colleagues and incorporating the Image of the Child into practice
  • they were expanding resources to support exploration of schemas.

Teachers comments were that they:-

  • could see in peoples practice a fantastic understanding of Attachment Theory and an excellent understanding of children’s Zone of Proximal Development.
  • have observed a greater confidence in students practice which has impacted positively on their planning and delivery of key group sessions, particularly the Letters and Sounds activities.

Two of these students have continued on with further study towards their Foundation Degree in Early Years.

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