The School Day

Children attend nursery either five mornings or five afternoons.

The school day for a morning child begins when the gates are opened at 8.35 am. The children are greeted by their key workers and join in the wake and shake session whilst everyone arrives. By 8.50 am the children have said their goodbyes to their parents/carers and are settling down to group time with their key worker. After group time is a period of free play when children can choose which area and resources they wish to be involved in. During this time a healthy snack is offered, typically it may be bananas, grapes, peppers or tomatoes and water or milk to drink. The outdoor area is available also during this period and is a fabulous and exciting place with it's own dedicated staff. 11.00 am sees the children begin tidying up from which they move into either Tatty Bumpkins or their letters and sounds group. And finally at 11.10 am they move back to their key groups for a final 'together' session. The gates open for collection at 11.35 am and excited children greet their parents/carers with lots to tell of all they have been doing. Key workers are there for parents to speak with if they wish and the session ends at 11.40 am.

The school day for afternoon children follows a similar pattern as above with gates opening at 12.35 pm for children to arrive and 3.30 pm for collection with the session ending at 3.35pm.

This is only an overview of a typical day at Fairfield Nursery but be ready for the not very typical day as we love to invite parents/carers along to join their children. Parents have been invited to breakfast and lunch, they have joined in numeracy and literacy activities and have attended special fun trail days and Tatty Bumpkin sessions. We believe in involving parents in their child's learning in a fun and informative way.

Important Notices: We currently have free Nursery School places for all three year old children and eligible two year old children who are due to start Nursery in January and April 2019, for further information on our outstanding Nursery take a look at our website or give us a call.