Children should wear their own clothes that are easy to manage when the toilet is needed

- Elasticated waist trousers are ideal

- Sleeves that can be pushed up

- Soft soled shoes that have a good grip

- A warm, waterproof coat with a loop for hanging up on the hook

- Wellies and a drawstring bag to be kept at Nursery at all times

Waterproof clothing is provided by Nursery however children are welcome to bring in their own

Please can all parents supply Nursery with a spare set of clothes for your child

NO EARRINGS and NO JEWELLERY to be worn in Nursery.

If you intend to have your child's ears pierced we ask that you wait until the summer holidays as earrings must be removed for Nursery.

Important Notices: Nursery School will be closing on Friday 19th July 2019 for the summer holiday please submit all applications for two and three year old places for September 2019 as soon as possible