Wild Fire Message

Wildfire Message from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

You may have seen on the news, or even live near to, the huge moorland fires which have been burning in Lancashire for over two weeks. Not only do they harm the environment including the landscape, its wildlife and water supply they are very dangerous as they can be near to where people live and work and they are difficult to put out. Lots of firefighters have been very busy fighting them, which has meant that they can’t be or get to other places where they are needed as quickly such as at building fires or serious road accidents.

We can all help by

  • staying away from the large grass or moorland areas whilst the weather is very dry
  • taking all litter home, particularly glass bottles, which mean fires have less chance of starting
  • call 999 if you think someone has started a fire deliberately or you think they might start one.

You can also help us by watching and sharing our short animated film “Look after Peat, look after Lancashire on hot days” which is all about the impact of moorland fires and how they can be avoided


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