Our assessment process is first and foremost framed around our Image of the Child:

A child that is able to express themselves effectively in their own unique way, showing awareness of others.

A reflective child is one that has an awareness of self, is thoughtful and considerate. They are motivated to try again, find out more, and review their work and test ideas.

A child, who is curious, fascinated and inspired by the world around them. They take risks and can be independent in their explorations.

A child that embraces learning in a creative and imaginative way. They try different methods to problem solving using remarkable and interesting approaches.

A resilient child is confident. They are secure emotionally and in their environment. They are able to learn by trial and error and bounce back when they are confronted with difficult situations.

When children arrive at nursery, we complete a baseline assessment using our Image of the child statements. Following on from the baseline, at three points in the academic year, teachers, key workers and parents reflect on the progress children have made for each statement. This information, feeds into the next learning and development opportunities we provide and offer the children.

Alongside our Image of the Child, we assess against the schools curriculum to ensure the children are following the intent and sequence of learning and that they are making progress. We have carefully considered the children’s stages of development and formed progressive descriptors that encapsulate the stages the children are working at. You can see the progressive descriptors in each area of learning and at the bottom of the curriculum overview.

When children arrive the term after their second birthday, the statutory two-year-old development checks are completed. Fairfield use this information to inform our baseline assessment. Parents are asked to share the health two year assessment to further support a wider understanding of the children’s developmental needs and current attainment. Parents are provided with a copy of the check. If there are concerns regarding a child’s stage of development, school works closely with parents and the connected health visitor to ensure strategies are in place for further support.


2 Year Old Development Check