Parents Involved in Children's Learning

The nursery school experience should be a partnership between family and nursery. With this in mind we work closely with our parents/carers and involve them in the children's learning at every opportunity.

Involving parents in their children's learning at this stage develops a supportive bond to hopefully take forward through all their school years.

We believe it helps the child and parent to grow in understanding of the learning journey they embark upon at nursery.

Some of the ways parents get involved:

  • Family breakfast or lunch sessions where staff, children and parents enjoy healthy meals together.

  • Fun trail events at the close of each term when everyone gets involved in varied activities inside and outdoors.

  • Weekly group time numeracy and literacy activities where parents are encouraged to drop in and join in.

  • Regular termly meetings between parents and key workers to discuss in depth their child's progress.

  • Accessibility to keyworkers at the end of sessions each day for those little but important chats.

  • Filming of children at nursery to show to parents any break through or progress being made or just to reassure them that their child has settled well and is happy and involved.

  • Regular newsletters, texts, facebook and website updates all contribute to involving parents/carers in the life of their child at nursery.


This is not a complete list, there are many other opportunities and events that take place, but it is a good overview.