Vision, Values and Ethos

At Fairfield we believe that all children are unique. We place a strong emphasis on the desire to help our children reach their individual potential. Our planning and structure wholly support and reflect the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. We ensure that the individual child and their family are at the centre of all learning and development.We want to help children have a happy and successful start in nursery, so that they are ready to continue their learning and enjoy primary school.

All staff have carefully considered how they support children's learning and development. The image of the child has been developed as a team and also through working closely with parents. Our image is:



A child that is able to express themselves effectively in their own unique way, showing awareness of others


A reflective child is one that has an awareness of self, is thoughtful and considerate. They are motivated to try again, find out more and review their work and test ideas


A child, who is curious, fascinated and inspired by the world around them. They take risks and can be independent in their experiences


A child that embraces learning in a creative and imaginative way. They try different methods to problem solving using remarkable and interesting approaches


A resilient child is confident. They are secure emotionally and in their environment. They are able to learn by trial and error and bounce back when they are confronted with difficult situations


We believe that:-

Children need to feel relaxed and confident in a safe, happy, loving environment. The early years of children's education should be of a high quality in order to improve their life chances.
Children should be regarded as strong, powerful and competent learners. In order to develop positive learning dispositions children must be stimulated and encouraged to try new challenges. They should be praised for their efforts and perseverance rather than the end product. Children should be given opportunities to assume some responsibility.

Through this child-centred approach children should be able to develop into active rather then passive learners. This involves initiating activities, seeking information and seeing themselves as a resource for others.

We will work to:-

  • Protect children from abuse or neglect.

  • Safeguard the welfare of children from bullying and harassment.

  • Ensure that children are well nourished and active.

  • Develop positive attitudes in children and their carers.

  • Meet the education needs of the local community.

  • Provide high quality teaching and learning.

  • Develop good patterns of attendance.

  • Consult children enabling them to contribute to decisions which affect them.

  • Develop responsible behaviour in the community.

  • Support parents, staff and children to recognise their involvement in the process of learning and development.