British Values

The fundamental British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs are already embedded in our school curriculum.

How we Support children understanding British Values at Fairfield

At Fairfield our Image of the child and our pedagogy with children directly promotes and supports what we understand by British Values.

Our children are able to express themselves effectively in their own unique way, showing awareness of others

Children have an awareness of themselves. They are thoughtful and considerate. They are motivated to try again, find out more and review their work and test ideas

Children are curious, fascinated and inspired by the world around them. They take risks and can be independent in their experiences

Children embrace learning in a creative and imaginative way. They try different methods to solve problems using remarkable and interesting approaches

Children are confident. They are secure emotionally and in their environment. They are able to learn by trial and error and bounce back when they are confronted with difficult situations


Key British values are:

Democracy: making decisions together

All children work together in key groups, exploring different areas of interest. They make decisions about their learning and the areas that they will focus on. Children discuss and make decisions together about the best approach to take. All children are encouraged to listen to each other and make decisions as a community of learners in both their key groups and the wider classroom space. Sometimes, the children must agree to follow one specific idea, even if it is not their own. Our images relating to being both a communicator and reflective demonstrate how children are encouraged and supported to be democratic in our nursery provision and beyond.

Rule of law: understanding rules matter

Through our work of encouraging children to be reflective and strong communicators, children follow our behaviour policy and the codes of behaviour that are intrinsic to the way we work in our nursery. All children understand that there are rules in nursery that everyone follows such as being thoughtful and consideration to each other, valuing our space and equipment and knowing the effect of not following the rules.

Individual liberty: freedom for all

Through our work of encouraging children to be resilient and reflective, children develop a positive image of themselves. They are strongly encouraged to persevere and persist at an area of interest or when trying to solve a problem. In both the indoor and outdoor learning environments, children are encouraged to take risks and not be fearful of failing or getting something wrong. When children are interested in a particular theme or concept, they are supported to go back and revisit their work. This allows them the opportunity to make decisions for themselves in their learning and become leading learners. Key group times provide the children with the opportunity to have their voices heard. As a school we have followed the ethos of listening to children's voices. This provides us with a framework to ensure that all children are able to share their views and listen to the views of other children.

Mutual respect and tolerance: treat others as you want to be treated

Children and adults at Fairfield demonstrate their respect and tolerance for others on a daily basis. Through our image of the child, children 'explore' with each other, they learn about their different cultures and family traditions. Through being strong communicators, children are supported to share their thoughts and feelings and listen to each other. This is done at key group times, Tatty Bumpkin sessions and following codes of behaviour in our learning environments.